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As the commercial cleaning industry’s top global company, Jan-Pro has developed branded processes that keep the workplace clean, fresh and protected from harmful bacteria.

Measuring What We Manage

Your satisfaction drives every aspect of our business. We customize cleaning plans to fit each facility and its unique needs.


We Care About Your Business Success

Franchise owners lead the crew that cleans your facility. They’re committed to providing superior cleaning and service on every visit.


A Healthier Workplace For Your Business

With our exclusive EnviroShield® disinfecting system, your facility will be protected from bacteria, flu and other viruses, making it safer and healthier.


Where Cleaning Counts Most

Our Owner-Certified MedMetrix® program for medical facility cleaning meets the strict requirements of AORN, OSHA, CDC and the Joint Commission.


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Commercial Cleaning Services from JAN-PRO® of Portland Oregon

Jan-Pro of Portland OR is a commercial cleaning company that follows through on every promise. Our dedication to excellence carries over into all that we do, which is why we are able to guarantee the commercial cleaning services we provide. We service a wide variety of industries including:

We leave every facility we visit clean and healthy for staff, clients and visitors. Because no two facilities are exactly alike, our commercial cleaning services are specially customized to meet your unique and varied needs. The services we offer are EPA-tested and comply with all OSHA safety regulations.

Jan-Pro of Portland OR has developed proven processes that keep us fully accountable for the level of clean we deliver, each and every time. The Jan-Pro Tracker® system uses a comprehensive 50-point checklist to measure the quality of each cleaning visit. We inspect your facility on our first visit and then again 30 days later. Throughout the length of our commercial cleaning contract, the Jan-Pro of Portland OR cleaning crew will perform inspections at regular intervals to insure our cleaning standards are always met. However, if you are ever anything less than fully satisfied, please let us know. Our team will happily do anything and everything we can to solve any issues that may arise.

At Jan-Pro of Portland OR, we are aware of the different challenges every facility faces. We have factored these unique concerns into our commercial cleaning systems.  Our EnviroShield® and MedMetrix® proprietary cleaning processes are designed to meet the unique and varied needs of our clients. The EnviroShield® system is the most advanced in the world and uses a strong and safe disinfectant to kill the majority of bacteria and germs. We have designed our MedMetrix® system to handle the many specific challenges found medical offices, dentist offices, surgical centers, and other health care facilities.

If you are interested in forming a commercial cleaning partnership with a company who has built its reputation on an expertly trained team, cutting-edge cleaning technologies, and the strongest, safest disinfectants on the market, call Jan-Pro of Portland OR at (503) 620-3881.

School cleaning services
May 31, 2017

Our School Cleaning in Gresham

When it comes to cleaning schools in the Gresham area, we at JAN-PRO® of Portland understand just how important it is to protect the health and safety of the students in your care. That’s why we’ve developed a series of safe and secure cleaning methods designed specifically for Gresham-area preschools, schools, and colleges. With our … Continued